Declining Well Levels

There are reports lately on the Fanny Bay Community Facebook page of well levels being lower than normal for this time of year. Some are going dry. This is not unprecedented. There were similar problems in 2015. Perhaps the time has come to take stock of how we use this resource we call water. The first thing to realize is that we all share the same aquifer. How we use water, how much water we use, affects our neighbours.

We are all drinking from the same cup but some of us simply happen to have longer straws.

The Beaufort Watershed Stewards are deeply concerned about the potential consequences of overconsumption. If we draw the aquifer down too far, at some point – we don’t know the exact point – the hydrostatic pressure from the aquifer is no longer enough to counter the pressure of the salt water trying to seep in. Most of us have wells not too far above sea level. The bottom of your well may be below sea level. The only thing standing between you and a salty well is hydrostatic pressure. Once salt water incursion happens the aquifer will no longer provide drinking water.

We need to be talking about water conservation. BWS is putting together some in depth educational material. We plan to sponsor a symposium on the problem in the near future. But in the meantime, every drop counts!

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